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2021-12-14 22:48:20 By : Ms. Aiwa Xue

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Bipolar lead battery developer Gridtential Energy has signed a formal evaluation agreement with Luminous Power Technologies, a subsidiary of Schneider Electric.

According to the agreement, Luminous, headquartered in India, will evaluate the combination of Gridential's 6V and 24V silicon Joule reference batteries and use the latter's development kit to build prototype batteries. 

By producing silicon Joule batteries, Luminous aims to use its existing production lines and expertise in solar materials to manufacture batteries.

Gridtential's silicon Joule battery technology uses processed silicon wafers (such as those in solar panels) to replace traditional lead grids to make silicon lead batteries.

The US-based company said that compared with traditional lead batteries, the battery can provide up to 5 times the power density, 2 times the discharge rate and 75% of the levelized electricity cost-although the company is tight-lipped about the actual figures To support his claim. 

The International Energy Agency estimated in its "India Energy Outlook 2021" report that by 2040, India's installed renewable energy capacity may double to 900GW.

Luminous Managing Director Vipul Sabharwal said: “Advanced lead-acid batteries like bipolar are an exciting breakthrough in lead battery technology, and Silicon Joule’s innovation in this field provides us with unprecedented opportunities to save India. Can customers bring more value-added homes. 

"Energy storage will also become the key to expanding the scale of solar energy, which is expected to become a suitable technology for our future customer-oriented product development efforts."

Luminous brings decades of experience to the verification process as it evaluates the impact on cycle life, energy density, battery efficiency, charging rate, and manufacturability. 

Luminous sells batteries in 35 countries outside of India, covering South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

Gridtential has signed development agreements with 14 battery manufacturers, including US manufacturer East Penn, which is currently manufacturing silicon Joule reference batteries on the prototype line.

Lead battery series trading

In June, Taiwan’s AGM battery technology company Pilot Battery and Gridtential signed a formal evaluation agreement to use bipolar technology to target the energy storage system market.

Very similar to the Luminous transaction, Pilot is evaluating the combination of 6V and 24V silicon Joule reference batteries, and will use Gridtential's development kit to produce prototype batteries in preparation for future potential production. 

In July 2020, Gridtential Energy reached a formal agreement with US Battery, a submerged lead-acid battery company, on its bipolar battery technology.

According to the terms of the agreement, the two companies will realize the industrialization of the bipolar plate pasting and curing process.

Gridtential announced two other transactions last month.

The first is a technology evaluation agreement signed with LOLC Advanced Technologies to develop bipolar lead batteries using the technologies of the two companies.

According to the agreement, the two companies are cooperating to use Gridtential's bipolar silicon plate and LOLC's graphene additive AltaLABGX to make a prototype lead battery, which is applied to active materials.

The second transaction was reached with Indian battery manufacturer Amara Raja Batteries.

The two companies signed a formal technical evaluation agreement, Amara and Gridtential assemble and test silicon Joule bipolar reference batteries.