Genex Power Ltd (ASX:GNX) Chairman's Address and Annual General Meeting Speech-ABN Newswire (@ABN_Newswire)

2021-12-14 22:48:35 By : Ms. Silviya Liu

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Genex Power Limited (ASX:GNX) focuses on the development of a series of renewable energy power generation and storage projects in Australia. The company's flagship Kidston Clean Energy Center in northern Queensland will integrate large-scale solar power generation and pumped storage hydropower. The Kidston Clean Energy Center consists of the 50MW first-phase solar project (KS1) and the 250MW Kidston pumped storage hydropower project (K2-Hydro) in operation, with the potential for further multi-phase wind and solar projects. The 50MW Jemalong Solar Project (JSP) is located in New South Wales and provides geographic diversification to Genex Power Limited's product portfolio. JSP was powered on in early December 2020 and is currently undergoing debugging. Genex is further developing its energy storage product portfolio in Bouldercombe, Queensland through the early development of 50MW/75MWh stand-alone battery energy storage systems. Genex has more than 400 megawatts of renewable energy and storage projects under development and is well-positioned as Australia's leading renewable energy and storage company.


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