Power Global and Rap Eco Motors launch Volkswagen electric auto rickshaw production line powered by replaceable battery technology-Green Car Conference

2021-12-14 22:48:44 By : Mr. Vincent W

Power Global, a leading supplier of high-performance clean energy and mobile products for daily applications, announced the establishment of a strategic partnership to provide Rap Eco Motors, an automobile rickshaw manufacturer, with eZee replaceable lithium-ion battery technology RANIE for its mass market electric tricycles The product line includes L3 and L5 passenger auto rickshaws, trucks and trucks.

Following the first product launch in April 2022, the two companies will cooperate to produce 50,000 electric autonomous rickshaws in the next five years, advancing the two companies' "Made in India" manufacturing roadmap.

Power Global and Rap Eco Motors have teamed up to deliver 50,000 India-made electric autonomous rickshaws based on replaceable eZee modules.

As the world’s third-largest emitter, India strongly relies on fossil fuel-powered two-stroke and four-stroke three-wheeled vehicles. These vehicles are essential last-mile transportation, but they have caused the country’s air quality crisis. At the same time, as fuel prices have soared by as much as 20% in the past six months and the cumulative cost of maintenance of internal combustion engine vehicles, drivers are increasingly turning to cost-effective electric rickshaws as modern and reliable vehicle options.

In a country with weak infrastructure such as India, car OEMs are adopting solutions such as battery replacement to further reduce the upfront cost of electric vehicles to increase utilization and accelerate the country’s clean energy transition.

Rap Eco Motors provides high-quality electric rickshaws to countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and South America at home and abroad. The cooperation with Power Global marks the first step of the Hyderabad-based company towards the development of a comprehensive 360-degree solution for OEM’s electric autonomous rickshaw RANIE, which is based on Power Global’s 48-volt pluggable eZee battery module.

In the growing autonomous rickshaw market such as India, Power Global's engineering solutions enable Rap Eco Motors to leapfrog the expensive and time-consuming process of developing in-house electrification solutions.

Compared with the existing fossil fuel-powered auto rickshaws on today's roads, each RANIE vehicle is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 3.7 metric tons per year and eliminate dangerous nitrogen oxide and PM exhaust emissions that cause air pollution.

Power Global's domestic battery production plant in Greater Noida will become the country's largest domestic leading lithium-ion battery manufacturer, capable of producing 400,000 modules per year. Power Global supports India’s FAME II requirements, which are driving OEMs to develop electrification solutions. Power Global’s goal is to deploy 10,000 batteries and light mobile electric retrofit kits by the end of 2022, supported by its battery exchange network.

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If there are any vehicles that should be electrified, this is it. They may not produce much carbon dioxide, but they are one of the main sources or particulate (smog) pollution in many underdeveloped areas of the world. The problem with Rap Eco is that it is far from enough to solve the problem. They will produce 50,000 cars in the next 5 years, and India’s largest car manufacturer, Bajaj Auto in Pune, India, sold 780,000 cars in fiscal year 2019. I think the economics of electrification will accelerate this process. Since the battery is relatively small and light, and can be inserted by hand, this is where the battery should be replaced.

Posted by: sd | 07:58 PM, November 19, 2021

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