When the lights are off, this backup power battery and solar panel can power your home for up to a week

2021-12-14 22:49:14 By : Mr. Wesley Zhu

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TLDR: This HomePower One backup battery power station and SolarPower One portable solar panel group can provide emergency power for up to a week. And now, it is hundreds.

Maybe this year you finally did it. A full 100-yard string of lights. There are accent icicle lights around each window and awning. There are flashing light spools around every tree and shrub. Even some new laser lights can bathe your home in sparkling festive light. But when you light a motorized Santa sleigh with all 8 reindeers, your commitment to this season may have destroyed the nearby power grid.

Look, you are an artist. We got it. However, if you are responsible for shutting down most areas of the West Coast, it would be a wise move to have a Generark HomePower One backup battery power station and SolarPower One portable solar panels (TNW code BFSAVE20, $1,119.20 discount) ready to go.

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HomePower One is the ultimate emergency power source, whether you are at home or on the road. With its huge battery that can store up to 1,002 watt-hours of energy, if the lights go out, this beast can provide up to a week of electricity. This includes enough juice to run kitchen appliances and emergency lights, even if your local utility company cannot restore power immediately.

All of these power sources require a large number of connections, so HomePower One is ready, equipped with 3 AC power outlets, 4 USB ports, and even a 12-volt car power outlet to run the device while you wait for the lights to turn on and restore everything Come back at full power.

What if they don’t? Well, this is the purpose of the SolarPower One portable solar panel. Packing monocrystalline solar cells, it only takes 30 seconds to connect and deploy the SolarPower One and HomePower One, and start converting the sun's rays into usable energy. Designed to convert more than 50% of the sun's rays into electricity, these panels only need about 10 hours to restore the exhausted HomePower One to its maximum power.

In the spirit of this season, now use this Generark solar generator package to make your light display visible in space. The nearly $1,900 series is now on sale at TNW Black Friday specials. By using the code BFSAVE20 at the checkout, you can add a 20% discount to the already discounted price of the item, reducing the final price to $1,119.20 within the last few hours when the transaction is available.

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