6V 200ah Solar Power Gel Storage Battery 6V Electric Vehicles Battery

Lead Acid Gel batteryGel SERIES GEL Batteries for Communications & Power PlantDescriptionBy combining the service life reliability of a flooded battery with the performance energy density of a valve-regulated battery, we created a true long service life VRLA battery the gel range. This range offers 8-15 years design life wit

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Lead Acid Gel battery
Gel SERIES GEL Batteries for Communications & Power Plant
By combining the service life reliability of a flooded battery with the performance energy density of a valve-regulated battery, we created a true long service life VRLA battery the gel range. This range offers 8-15 years design life with very good cycling capability, and is highly suited to telecom, UPS, renewable energy system, power stations and similar applications.


-High-quality gel prepared with fumed silica ensures the electrolyte
Liquid is uniformly distributed without stratification
-The electrolyte presents a gel state, without flowing or leakage, or recuction,
Ensuring homogeneous reaction with the plate; Safe and maintenance
Free operation
-Large amounts of liquid; High heat capacity; Good heat sinking capability;
Wide operation temperature
-Using lead calcium tin alloy, very low self discharge rate. Long service life


-Communication system, microwave station, mobile base station, data center,
Radio / broadcasting station
-Power plant; Power transmission and transformation system
- Solar energy/ wind power system
-Emergency lighting and signal system
-EPS/ UPS system, etc
-Marine/ Boats /Navigational Aids (sailing boats, motorized yachts, motor boats, etc)
-Leisure vehicles (caravans, mobile homes, etc)
-Engine Starting

Certificates: ISO9001&14001, CE, UL
Standard: JIS, DIN, IEC & BS6290-4

-Battery Type: Valve Regulated sealed lead acid battery
-Standard: JIS, DIN, IEC & BS6290-4
-Model No.: NPG200-6
-Nominal Voltage: 6V
-Nominal capacity: 200Ah
-Dimension: L260*W180*H247*TH251
-Weight: 31kgs
-Terminal: Threaded post or straight Tab
Export ModelNominalCapacityDimension(mm/Kg[(± 5%)])Dimension(Inch/Pound[(± 5%)])TerminalLayout
(V) LengthWidthHeightTotal HeightWeightLengthWidthHeightTotal HeightWeight
  NPG180-6   6  180/10HR  306  169  221  226  27.5  12.0  6.65  8.70  8.90  60.6  T5  F
  NPG200-6   6  200/10HR  322  177  226  230  31.0  12.7  6.97  8.90  9.06  68.3  T5  E
  NPG24-12   12  24/10HR  166  126  174  174  8.10  6.54  4.96  6.85  6.85  17.9  T2  B
  NPG26-12   12  26/10HR  165  176  125  125  8.20  6.50  6.93  4.92  4.92  18.1  T2  B
  NPG33-12   12  33/10HR  196  131  155  167  10.5  7.72  5.16  6.10  6.57  23.1  T2  A
  NPG38-12  12  38/10HR  198  166  174  174  12.5  7.80  6.54  6.85  6.85  27.6  T2  B
  NPG42-12  12  42/10HR  198  166  174  174  13.0  7.80  6.54  6.85  6.85  28.7  T2  B
  NPG50-12  12  50/10HR  229  138  208  212  17.0  9.02  5.43  8.19  8.35  37.8  T3  A
  NPG55-12  12  55/10HR  229  138  208  212  18.2  9.02  5.43  8.19  8.35  40.1  T3  A
  NPG65-12  12  65/10HR  351  167  176  176  20.5  13.8  6.57  6.93  6.93  45.2  T3  B
  NPG70-12   12  70/10HR  260  169  211  215  22.5  10.2  6.65  8.31  8.46  49.6  T3  A
  NPG80-12  12  80/20HR  260  169  211  215  24.5  10.2  6.65  8.31  8.46  54.0  T3  A
  NPG90-12  12  90/10HR  307  169  211  215  27.3  12.1  6.65  8.31  8.46  60.2  T3  A
  NPG100-12  12  100/10HR  331  174  214  219  30.0  13.0  6.85  8.43  8.62  66.1  T4  B
  NPG120-12  12  120/10HR  407  174  210  233  34.0  16.0  6.85  8.27  9.17  75.0  T5  A
  NPG150-12  12  150/20HR  484  171  241  241  44.0  19.1  6.73  9.49  9.49  97.0  T4  A
  NPG160-12   12  160/10HR  532  206  216  221  49.0  20.9  8.11  8.50  8.70  108.0  T4  C
  NPG180-12  12  180/10HR  532  206  219  221  52.0  20.9  8.11  8.50  8.70  114.6  T4  C
  NPG200-12   12  200/10HR  522  242  219  224  60.0  20.5  9.53  8.62  8.82  132.3  T5  C
  NPG220-12   12  220/10HR  522  242  219  224  62.5  20.5  9.53  8.62  8.82  137.8  T5  C
  NPG250-12   12  250/10HR  521  269  220  224  70.0  20.5  10.6  8.66  8.82  154.3  T5  C

Product packaging
1. Standard export carton ,then onto pallets, or neutral package
2. If any special requirements on package , it is negotiable 
3. All batteries are inspected carefully by QC before shipment.
6V 200ah Solar Power Gel Storage Battery 6V Electric Vehicles Battery
Delivery time :
1. our lead time is 20-30days on the basis of order quantity after getting 30% deposit
2. if you need samples or small quantity , we can ship battery within 3-7days if we have stock after test is finished.

Minimum order quantity:
1. if battery is smaller than 17ah, MOQ would be 200-1000pcs as per actual battery size if battery is bigger than 17ah, MOQ would be 50-200pcs as per actual battery size
2. if order is big quantity or 1*20'fcl load , the price would be much competitive

Company Profile
About CBB
CBB Battery Technology Co Ltd is a large modern comprehensive power enterprise, specializing in production, R&D and sales of the full line of lead acid battery, with a factory area of 43334m² and production area more than 30000m². Our production capacity has reached more than 3 million KVAH per year. With years development ,we have set up production base in Jiangxi Province, Hunan Province too.

We mainly produce industrial lead acid batteries, such as VRLA battery, Automotive battery, Motorcycle battery, Motive power battery, Tricycle battery, Electric vehicle battery and various plates thereof. All batteries are widely used in UPS, Power station, Solar power system, Telecommunication, Vehicles, Boats, Motorcycle and other applications. All battery can meet a variety of standby, storage, deep cycle, starting, sports, new energy system and other power requirements.

In the past few years, by adopting a lot of advanced production lines and testing devices, we have developed to gain the competitive advantage in the field, which owns the first class infrastructure, strict production management, unique know-how and special formula.

We attach importance to scientific and technological personnel, integrating production and research. With the efforts of professional experienced engineers, a well-trained management team and a lot number of skilled production workers, we have established the complete quality management system, which guarantees all battery quality is reliable and long-term stable. Our battery has been sold not only throughout China, but also many foreign countries, its quality have been well recognized by users both at home and abroad.

As one of the leading China industrial battery manufacturers, we are keeping quality and environment protection first and foremost in our minds. With a proven track record of this dedication to protect both the earth, our employees for years has propelled us to be the industry leader in environmental protection while still maintaining the highest quality products on the market. With the recertification of Chinese Environment Ministry to Chinese battery industry in 2013, we have been becoming the best company on the environmental protection in South of China. We have been certified by IS09001, IS014001, CE, UL, ROHS, and OHSMS18001.

With the spirit of Unity, Development, Trust and Quality First, Our Team would offer you the best quality battery and services. It is our eternal pursuit to continuously meet all customer's expectation and demands, with unremitting efforts to offer high-quality battery and excellent after-sales for all users at home and abroad.

6V 200ah Solar Power Gel Storage Battery 6V Electric Vehicles Battery

ISO9001: 2000, ISO14001, CE, UL, etc
6V 200ah Solar Power Gel Storage Battery 6V Electric Vehicles Battery

Quality Warranty:
The quality guarantee is 13 months from our manufacture date or B/L date. We will replace any defective battery by new one at our cost if there is any.

Application scope:
Starting batteries of auto/automobile, cars, trucks, motorcycles, ships, marine boats and other vehicles.
1. For passenger car
Roppon standard line for passenger car fits most of Japanese, European and American vehicles on the road in the world, today
2. For van & SUV
Roppon standard line for light -truck, van& SUV is designed to offer incredible cranking power, capacity and vibration resistance feature
3. For heavy-duty truck
Roppon standard line for heavy duty truck is resistance to vibration and offers outstanding performance


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